Keep important information or valuables, like reservation confirmations, cash, expensive jewellery, medications or keys with you when you’re packing. If you have a tight connecting flight pack toiletries and a change of underwear in your carry-on as well. Most importantly, pack light. You’ll want room to bring home that Maasai carving or coconut bra you picked up in Kenya To assure other passengers are not crushing your carry-on luggage (which is often the case) in order to make room for theirs, you can watch as other passengers use the same bin space by storing your belongings into the overhead bin on the side of the plane opposite where your seat is located.

If you miss a connecting flight and have to spend the night in the airport, you may not want to be waltzing around in a leopard-print mini dress and stiletto pumps, or you may…. But make sure you have comfortable walking shoes and clothes you don’t mind living in for a while, this doesn’t mean you need to travel in sweats.

Pack a bag of travel-sized board games, colouring books and crayons, picture books, stencils, stickers or favourite toys. If you’re travelling with children, you need something to keep them busy. You can also keep younger kids occupied for hours with a homemade travel kit.Buy snack for the trip, preferably ones that don’t crumble and are easy to pack, such as apples, carrots, fruit roll-ups or raisins.