New Century Apartment – Kilimani

Riara Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya


The apartment has 3 bedrooms all en-suite plus an additional common washroom. The living room is an open plan to the dining room and kitchen. There are sliding doors leading to the balcony and wash/dry area.

The dining table is new and has 4 seats. The kitchen has toaster, kettle, blender, gas cooker, fridge and microwave. On the wash area, there is a new automatic washing machine. Simply switch on the socket, load your laundry, lower lid, press the power button, press the water button and it’s good to go. Should you need a different program the instruction manual is there. There is a drying frame for your clothes and everything is safe and secure.

Bedroom one has a king sized bed, bedside table, ironing board and iron. It also has built-in wardrobes with hangers and shelving. Bedroom two has a double bed and built-in wardrobes and shelving. Bedroom three has 2 double beds, built in wardrobes and shelving.

Finally, we have an honour system in place for our esteemed clients. We realize as you land perhaps in a new city you won’t know where to find the basic essentials. We, therefore, supply tea, coffee, salt and pepper, cooking oil and some fresh goods to settle you in. The honour system is simple, if you use it, please replace it. You will also find toilet tissues and soap available for you.


Welcome package

Orange Juice, Milk, 1 Litre Water, Bread, Eggs, Butter

Honour System

Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Jam, Salt, Pepper, Ketchup, Cooking oil, washing detergent, Hand wash Soap. We encourage to have this replenished once used, to maintain the cycle.

Please treat the place with respect. Should faults occur tell us as soon as possible to let us attend to it. If there is something genuinely faulty or something wrong with the fabric of the building then we will repair as soon as we can. If however, it’s a tenant fault, for example, blocked sink and when we bring the pipes apart we find it filled with rice which should have gone in the bin, not to expand in the sink, hahaha, then we might be asking you to pay for that. A reasonable attitude must apply at all times.


We want you to be happy and have no problem with you having a visitor or that they stay the night, but parties are strictly forbidden. We have many local and decent neighbours, some with young kids. They deserve to live in peace and harmony.


The security guards are nice people and should be treated with respect and with a friendly attitude. These people are very helpful and can often direct you to where you can get what you are looking for. Alternatively, ask me. You have my number.


Disclaimer: please note this is but a friendly advice and not a professional one.

To make it easier to make local calls without losing touch with family and friends back home, we recommend you use the local sim card provided and registered by us. Other than making calls one can make payments using the phone too through Mpesa. For more information on this, please visit this site

A few guidelines to help you along…

  1. Ensure you have an unlocked phone from your home country ( not locked to home country)
  2. Your already activated Mpesa pin is 0000. Mpesa is on your phone menu.
  3. For Iphone’s go to Settings- Phone- Sim applications- Mpesa.
  4. For other phones go to the Sim toolkit icon on your home page
  5. When on +254 side, visit a Mpesa agent to deposit your cash so that you don’t move around with liquid cash
  6. With cash in your Mpesa, you can buy airtime to make calls, buy internet bundles by dialling +544# and follow through.

Please note that since you are using your home phone, you are still connected to your WhatsApp friends.

For travel around town, WhatsApp me to arrange a ride for you. We strongly recommend using our drivers for trips as we know them and are sure of their safety, reliability in that he’ll be where he says he’ll be.

Finally take note of availability of a gym, back up generator and kids play area.







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